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Indian street food that’s are having lots of variation and those change by state to state taste and special for that state and city, Like Indore special Poja-Jaleb, Mumbai Vada pav, Kolkata special Bhel Puri, And many more street food available as local city wise. If we are talking about those street food item that’s having very harmful as well bed for our health so, many companies gives many opinion regarding that and give us negative effect in our body so we have new concept regarding hygienic food and make fresh and tasty with Chaat Puchka Food Franchise brand those are having 30+ out-late and cover many state like Rajasthan, Maharastra, Telangana, Karnataka, Punjab, Odisha, Gujarat, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya pradesh, and other state having our branch, And we are having satisfy customer on all store,
 If we are thin about new business many Pearson start these food store and it more then 60% to 70% store closed, because they could not satisfy and even not maintain equal taste, or if we are thinking in other hand they are having less experience in no any recipe having and no any measurement apply by chef. This business is very easy but some people doing a complected and in last they saying it is a flop business, but he is responsible for failure because food business failure chances is very low. But if you are doing well and with experienced you may try franchise brand like chaat puchka, The Egg Bite, franchise consultant available in market and go towered in right direction. 
If you are having very less investment between 3 to 4 lack you may plan a kiosk model, and the major challenge is in getting the supply chain and getting  right mechanism ans has to deliver farm-fresh quality and maintain stander outlet. 
If you are start any food business you may take care and can suffer in break even point in just six month and you may return your all investment within 12 month, and also depend on food fall on your location.

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