Welcome to Chaat Puchka

Come and Join hands with most Unique food franchise business concept.

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Welcome to Chaat Puchka

Come and Join hands with most Unique food franchise business concept.

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Welcome to Chaat Puchka

Come and Join hands with most Unique food franchise business concept.

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Welcome to Chaat Puchka

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Profitable And Consistent Growth As The Ingredient To Achieve Our Goal-

At Chaat Puchka we are actively involved in the development of delicious recipes to cater the growing demand of hygienic and healthy food. We’ve grown into a top-notch food franchise brand by continuously offering quality services, in addition our expert team focus on advanced techniques and measures to ensure long-term success. Our scrumptious menu has been appreciated enormously by customers and we will continue to work effortlessly to bring diversified delicacies. Thus we are highly grateful to our customers as without them our long-lasting progress would not have been accomplished.

Become our Franchise Partner

Start Your Entrepreneurship Journey

Starting a food business bring some kind of financial risks, if you are not experienced enough, in addition it is also essential to understand market demand. Franchising is effective option for individuals who are new. We at Chaat Puchka are always looking for people who are excited to become boss of their own business. Join us for unbeatable success, we unique formula to outperform well-established players.

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    Our Best Features

    Environment Friendly

    We are responsible for what we do, our operational activities keep the nature clean.

    Diversified Menu
    Diversified Menu

    Be it panipuri, pizza, burgers, and more, we have 150+ of menu variety for everyone.

    Best Quality And Taste
    Best Quality & Taste

    We offer healthy and hygienic food, moreover our chef-inspired menu made of natural ingredients.

    Proven And Tested Concept
    Proven & Tested Concept

    We have excellent &
    affordable models that can be replicated easily.

    World Class Franchise Support
    World-Class Franchise Support

    Our Staff is well-skilled to assist franchise partners efficiently.

    Hassle Free Operations
    Hassle-Free Operations

    We maintain Excellence in day-to-day operations.

    Fresh and healthy food



    I think breakfast is really important to get a great start to the day, so I can have enough energy to
    train and everything.

    Street Foods
    Street Foods

    Indian street foods are
    known worldwide for their
    taste, diversity and easy
    accessibility in
    various verities.

    India's Best Pizza at Chaat Puchka
    Western Foods

    Food may be essential
    as fuel for the body
    but western food is
    Fuel for the soul.


    There are many other
    beverage options we
    have, and many of
    these can be part
    of a healthy diet.

    Our menu list

    Checkout Our Menu

    • Tea & Coffee
    • Cold Drinks
    • Shakes
    • Break In Thirst
    • Garlic Bread
    • Pav Garden
    • Pizza State
    • Maggi Forest
    • Burger Book
    • Sandwich
    • Chaat Ki Charcha
    • Mojito’s
    Checkout Our Menu
    • Akhri Pasta
    • Fries/Nuggets/Pappads
    • Fast & Special
    • Pizza Chaat
    • Puchka Paani
    • Puchka Bhar Ke
    • Basket Chaat
    • Rolls
    • Momos
    • Tortilla Stuffed
    • Mukka Mug


    Happy Clients

    Their organization is very good and is spread over many places and the service is also very good along with the taste and workmanship of the products.

    Rahil Jain

    Rahil Jain

    Chaat Puchka itself provides training of its products to its franchise owner along with the service of the staff.

    Vinit Tiwari

    Vinit Tiwari

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