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Chaat Puchka is one of the fastest-growing food brand in the quick service, fine-dining & takeaway segment of the restaurant industry. Our goal is to offer delicious recipes, top-notch business FOFO(Non Refundable) models and to assist young entrepreneurs who are looking to start food business. We are consistently researching to develop unique combination franchise models that can be established effectively in tier1, 2 and 3 cities across the nation. We are always looking for enthusiastic and dynamic individuals to join our Chaat Puchka franchise family.

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Stay with us for long-term success

Since our inception, we have established 70+ franchise outlets throughout India and we feel proud to serve the community around us in the coming future too. The food and beverage industry is always profitable if you are working on sustainable business models that can be customized as per modern-day demands thus we not only focus on rich quality service but also invest in research & development to be No.1 brand. “We create healthy & hygienic food and serve it with unlimited happiness.”

Why franchise with Chaat Puchka?

  • Well-established brand with impressive customer feedback
  • Skilled and experienced leadership Team
  • In-depth market understanding
  • Rich Quality Menu
  • Strong customer base
  • Flexible business model
  • Low investment & high profit margin
  • Use of technology in operational activities

Strong franchise support system

Tested business model to assist

  1. Branding & promotion.
  2. Menu development
  3. Daily operations
  1. Site or location selection assistance
  2. Store design, layout & branding
  3. Staff training & recruitment.
  4. On-store training.
  5. Franchise agreement and document.
  6. Operational tools.
  7. Grand opening guidance.

  1. On-going operations control & Auditing.
  2. Food quality and taste control.
  3. Marketing.
  4. Inventory management.

  1. Online-marketing
  2. Management tools
  3. Software for billing

Benefits of Chaat Puchka Franchise

1. Standard procedure: We at Chaat Puchka never comprise with quality, our mission clearly defines that we are in the industry to create values and to develop standard procedure.

2. Services: Inexperience individuals who always want to start own food franchise store drop their idea as their background isn’t food industry. Chaat Puchka is always ready to help those individuals in every aspect of store set up.

3. Effective Menu: India is a young consumer marketplace, people between age group 20 to 35 spend huge amount on foods available outside home. Our menu is developed as per latest trends that definitely impress customers.

4. Marketing support: We’ve experienced team of experts in marketing. We create a marketing plan for franchise store to engage with local customers.

5. Staff training & recruitment: In food industry it is difficult to hire well-trained staff members. Chaat Puchka’s operational team will assist franchise in staff recruitment & training.

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